Sunday, 10 June 2012

Defenders of Mirkwood

When I decided to start LotR again I wanted to field an army from Legolas' home, Mirkwood. However, the range of model Games Workshop produces for Mirkwood is very limited, it includes Legolas and his father Thanduril and some wood elf warriors. But when I talked to on of the guys in store he mentioned that there are no complicated rules on whom you can ally with as long as both allies are good or both are evil. Also the armies of Mirkwood and Lothlorien are grouped together in one army list meaning I can field heroes (and even better, a heroine) from Lorien in my Mirkwood force! Anyway, I bought a box of 12 Galadhrim warriors and the Galadhrim command set to start off my army and found an old Gandalf to lead them until I can get some elven heroes. I painted them to suit the dark, gloomy forests of Mirkwood with greens and worn armour. Here's how I got on:
 Still have to base my spear-men so the blades of the elves are isolated for now!
 And the craftsmen of Mirkwood need to make a few more bows.
 But Gandalf and the Stormcaller are ready to unleash all of their might upon the enemy.
 This Easterling scouting party has been quickly hunted down by the forest guard.
The Easterlings don't stand a chance against the oldest beings in Middle Earth.

As you can see the army is not complete but I haven't posted in a while and wanted to update the blog, also the gaming table is coming along quite well, just need to finish the second half. I hope you enjoyed this post.


  1. Very nice army, I suggest getting an ent or treebeard as you lack some strength against larger and more powerful models such as trolls and dragons. If you need speed get Galadrhim Knights or Great Eagles and maybe a few guard of the Galadrhim Court.

    1. This is an old post, since then I've got an Ent and some Knights for exactly the reasons you mentioned! Thanks for commenting.