Thursday, 31 May 2012

Returning to Middle Earth (In Miniature!)

About a week ago I decided to try and get back in to The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game (or LotR SBG), a hobby which I took up at about the age of 10 and subsequently dropped at the age of 10 and a bit. Now I know that LotR SBG isn’t regarded as particularly ‘cool’ but I really like the LotR books and films and find the idea of recreating the characters and battles really exciting. Actually exciting isn’t really the right word but it’s certainly a lot of fun. Since reviving my interest in LotR SBG I decided to command an army of my favourite race in Middle Earth: The Elves. I chose the Elves because of their epic heroes and the shooting ability of every archer I field. Anyway, this blog is going to follow my progress from being a beginner to being, hopefully, a successful hobbyist. I will try my best to keep posts short and as well written as I can but if I make any mistakes feel free to comment and correct me. I will also be uploading pictures of my projects via flickr and hopefully if I can get enough money, I will buy a camera and do some vlogs. To seal the deal I will now show you a picture of the first elf I painted properly in 7 years.

Mirkwood Standard Bearer